Raccoons, wild boars And field mice

you may be thinking these animals have nothing in common but there is one thing the all eat so go search that up have you searched it up? good they all eat potatoes you may think potatoes aren’t important BUT potatoes make up 90% of the chip yes these animals are wiping out our chip supply so I have written down the animal how much potatoes they eat and other stuff that doesn’t matter.

first up the raccoon

the raccoon is native to North America where lots of potatoes come from,the raccoon is 40 to 70cm long making it the biggest of the procyonid family, 33% of its diet is you guessed it potatoes I don’t have enough time to write about the others so I’m done.


my phone

my phone is really awesome it has all the games on it if i had to pick one thing to do, it would be play on my phone because its so awesome.i think my phones great i like playing skyrim on it wait thats my PS3.

my PS3 is pretty cool i have skyrim on it i liker playing on it just as much as my phone even though i don’t play with my friends online that are the same age as me! all 100 of them like on my computer.

on my computer i like looking at usless websites like facebook although facebook isnt usless its fun like this linkhttp://www.theuselessweb.com/imgres-9


student blogging challenge week 2

This is my post about the student blogging challenge  about commenting cuz thats the student blogging challenge, We were going to make a video but i have to many smarticles i have like 78 gazillion billion so all the computers were backwards.



commenting is when you go and comment on stuff also can this count as half of my 1oo word challenge cuz i wrote like 69 words. yay